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Meet The Team

Dabyn Wealth Strategies provides a tailored approach to wealth accumulation and preservation for individuals, families, and business owners. Utilizing comprehensive financial planning to help clients build, manage, and protect their wealth, we create a roadmap that takes into consideration our clients’ life goals, financial goals, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, tax liabilities, and financial responsibilities. The scope of our financial planning includes investments, risk management, tax efficiency, basic to complex insurance solutions, and retirement and estate planning.

Our clients value our ability to quantify their specific goals and objectives and synthesize them into a strategic plan matching their needs and values. Equitable is our gateway to a large network of resources, products, and services which allow us to help our clients in the best possible way.

With team members based in the East and West of the United States, we have more hours in the day to execute on your behalf. Please learn more about our Financial Professionals: Dave and Robyn Hutchinson, Dan Halos, and Zach Martinson below.

Our Team